UW Photo Challenge


| Weefine - Mobile/Action Camera |


Solar Flare Max 10,000 Lumens Video Light (1 Person)

USD 1,699

sponsors : WEEFINE

Weefine, a brand of Umeing Technology, focuses on diving equipment. Its manufacturing plant is located in Shenzhen, China.


Solar Flare Max 8,000 Lumens Video Light (1 Person)

USD 899

sponsors : WEEFINE

Weefine, a brand of Umeing Technology, focuses on diving equipment. Its manufacturing plant is located in Shenzhen, China.


Smart Focus 6000 Light (1 Person)

USD 799

sponsors : WEEFINE

Weefine, a brand of Umeing Technology, focuses on diving equipment. Its manufacturing plant is located in Shenzhen, China.

| Macro, Creatvie, Wide Angle, Black Water |

Dive Damai

1 week liveaboard diving for one pax (1 Person)

USD 4,000

sponsors : Dive Damai

To provide the best luxury liveaboard platform from which to enjoy a unique experience sailing and diving around the Indonesian archipelago.


1 week liveaboard diving trip on 40m traditional phinisi style Palau Siren (1 Person)

USD 3,950

sponsors : Worldwide Dive and Sail

Worldwide Dive and Sail owns and operates a worldwide range of dive liveaboard yachts including the Siren Fleet, Master Liveaboards, and The Junk.

Blue Force Fleet

7nights for 2 people liveaboard and diving package on Blue Force 3 in SUDAN
(1 Person)

USD 3,324

sponsors : Blue Force Fleet

Diving Liveaboards in Maldives and Red Sea (Egypt & Sudan). The best boats to the best prices. Weekly departures for groups and for individuals. All the routes.

Tawali Leisure and Dive Resort

8 days 7 nights Diving Package including deluxe room with balcony and ocean view, all meals and diving package (1 Person)

USD 3,038

sponsors : Tawali Leisure and Dive Resort

Everything was built on sight by hand, and constructed by local craftsmen Tawali is located on a volcanic bluff overlooking the clear protected waters of Milne Bay, Tawali offers travelers a unique location to dive, relax and enjoy the unspoiled wonders of this magnificent part of the world.

Discovery Fleet

Visayas liveaboard trip for one person with special offer of 30% off for one companion

USD 2,650

sponsors : Discovery Fleet

Discovery Fleet is the owner/operator of 2 Philippine & Palau based live-aboard ships, the Discovery Palawan & Adventure and the Club Paradise dive center.

Discovery Fleet

Scubalamp V12k 24,000 lumens video light (1 person)

USD 2,500

sponsors : Scubalamp

Scubalamp, by Kolta Electronics specialize in designing and manufacturing LED Diving Lights. Scubalamp is our in-house leading brand for underwater lights.

Discovery Fleet

UU-TG5 Sakura Housing (Not for sale edition) + UU-WIDE 400 PRO Wet Lens (1 person)

USD 2,000

sponsors : Umi Umi Underwater Equipment

With more than 20 years of OEM camera housing manufacturing experience, we created Umi Umi in 2016. Umi Umi sticks to 100% Japanese design and manufacturing with quality of high standard, providing customers with a variety of choices on front housing and strobes to take pictures they want.


MS03 Snoot, M67 Magnetic Lens adapter and TG5 Aluminium Housing and MG32 Diving Light (x3). (1 person)

USD 1,820

sponsors : MiniGear

‘MiniGear’ products are created by underwater imaging enthusiasts. It aims to develop underwater imaging products & accessories for underwater photographers to capture the perfect moment.


Light carry, high performance, aesthetic design. Regulator Full Sets: Classic Series&Summit Series. (1 person)

USD 1,800

sponsors : Crest Scuba

Crest Diving was formed by a group of professionals with skills from product design, mechanical, and electronic engineering, instructors of diving and diving products. The aim is to make more people approach the nature and love the ocean with great products. We truly believe our motto which is "If we can make more people love the ocean like we do, nature is one more step closer to save the ocean.”


Surfacetension BCD V7.1 (1 person)

USD 1,500

sponsors : Surfacetension

Classic brand from Taiwan with innovative spirit and good quality, Surfacetension is a famous brand who owns many patents for diving products, and its products are fine equipment for divers internationally.


UCL-90 Close-up Lens, UW Tripod Hub, UW 3-Way Panhead, Stick Arm SS-T (3pcs), INON original Desk Mat and Bath Towel (1 person)

USD 860

sponsors : INON global

Underwater strobe, LED light, Attachment Lens, Underwater Housing, Arm.

Sun Diving School

A pair of COSMIQ+ dive computer(1 Person)

USD 800

sponsors : Deepblu

Deepblu is the fastest-growing dive experience marketplace & divers community.

| Best Cover |


USD 1,000 cash for Best Cover winner (1 Person)

USD 1,000

sponsors : EZDIVE

Since 2006, EZDIVE has built a great reputation as the first and the only bilingual diving magazine in Asia.