UW Photo Challenge

General Information

UWPC is the largest underwater photo challenge starts from Asia Pacific, co-hosted by the Diving and Resort Travel Expo (DRT SHOW) and EZDIVE magazine. UWPC is opened to entrants of all skill levels.

Asia Pacific UW Photo Challenge (UWPC) aims at finding excellent underwater photographers and understanding their works thoroughly. We hope to promote the art of underwater photography and any diving activities in the world, and to promote the ideas of protecting the marine environment and guide a green and healthy lifestyle through the challenge.

Event Organized by: Diving & Resort Travel Expo (DRT Show) / EZDIVE



  Best Cover
  Wide Angle
  Black Water
  WEEFINE - Mobile/Action Camera
      Best Cover:   must be a portrait photo and the main subject of this shot should be interesting, prominent and a perfect layout, matching with EZDIVE Magazine. To check your photo looks good on the magazine, please download a mock cover. Magazine templates can be found at: www.uwphotochalleng.com This category will be judged by editorial team of EZDIVE diving magazine.
      Macro:   Any photo where the subject is recorded as life-size or greater on the camera's image sensor, also known as a 1:1 (or greater) reproduction ratio. As a guideline, macro subjects are generally 6 inches across or smaller and shot with a lens focal length greater than 35mm.
      Creative:   the main subject of the photo is not limited; however, the submitted photo must be creative style, creative with composition, creative with lighting technique by using snoot, mixing colour of light. So go wild and surprise us but MUST NOT be created by post-production software such as Photoshop.
      Wide-Angle:   any photo in a wide-angle view, including over-under shots (half in the water, half out) and close-focus wide-angle photos. Subject can be big marine animal, diver, reefscape, wreck or boat.
      Blackwater:   any photo taken in blackwater diving with black ground, only in this category, you can edit up to 30% in post-production.
      Mobile/Action Camera:   any photo taken with mobile devices including mobile phones (regardless the brands) and action cameras (i.e. GoPro). Submitted photo has to be taken with “photo mode” with enough resolution instead of a capture of video, please note in this category, submitted files do not have to be in RAW files, so please limit the post-production within reasonable range.

Final winners of Macro, Creative, Wide Angle and Blackwater will be asked to rank their desired prizes out of 12 prizes and be awarded the best possible choice in their list based on their overall winning rankings, which will be decided by the judges.

The Best Cover winner will be awarded USD 1,000 in cash; Mobile/Action Camera will be awarded prizes according to the value of prizes sponsored by WEEFINE which specially dedicated to Mobile/Action Camera category.

The top 10 photos on each category will be on display on the official website: www.uwphotochallenge.com from 11 March 2019.

  • Final winners will be announced via Live Judging during the DRT SHOW Shanghai from 12 to 14 April 2019. The winner photos on each category will be announced on the official website: www.uwphotochallenge.com .
  • Winner photos will be displayed in all the DRT SHOW in the future, and will also be published by our media partners worldwide.

  •   Submission Deadline:   10 January 2019 (GMT+8)
      Photo Review:   11 January to 10 March 2019
      Live Judging:   12-14 April 2019 at DRT SHOW Shanghai
      Award Ceremony:   Sunday, 14 April 2019 at DRT SHOW Shanghai
      Exhibition for Top 10:   12-14 April 2019 at DRT SHOW Shanghai

Winning Photos